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Detail of a woman making a heart with her hands while she is wearing a shirt from Peru. Sp

Peruvian Alfajores and more...

Born in Lima, Peru, Eliana grew up surrounded by the best Peruvian food which was prepared daily by her mother who created culinary wonders. Eliana never took cooking classes in Lima, however she always maintained close contact with chefs and restaurants as she was the District Sales Manager of a well-known American brand directly related to gastronomy. It is when she immigrated to the USA that she felt the need to learn to prepare all the food that she was passionate about. After graduating with a Business Administration degree at PSU, she established her online business while working at a local Bank. She was a banker by day and a Baker by night. In 2011 she founded Sweets by Deliciosa Inc. Dedicated to the production of Peruvian alfajores and custom cakes. During the pandemic, she established herself strongly in her local area and also joined Amazon, where she continues to break boundaries. Locally, she offers a variety of American and Peruvian desserts, her flagship product being the exquisite cornstarch alfajores. When you try her products, memories of a warm hometown will flood back to you, and you will find yourself wanting just one more.

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