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Pastry Chef Eliana Simon, licensee of "Marca Peru" only started decorating cakes as a hobby after her 4-year-old son asked her for a custom superhero cake. After working in the bank industry for a while, she decided it was time for a break. So that’s when she realized that destiny wasn’t a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. So she followed her passion for baking and spent more time in the kitchen creating beautiful pieces of edible art.

In 2011, she created Sweets by Deliciosa in Pennsylvania, a signature baking shop where she fuses flavors, techniques, and textures with an eminent approach to local flavors and high-quality ingredients. During the pandemic, she established herself strongly in her local area and also joined Amazon, where she continues to break boundaries selling her products. Locally, she offers to the public and some restaurants a variety of American and Peruvian desserts, her flagship product being the exquisite cornstarch Alfajores.

Her dedication and creativity are the formula of her successful business, which over the years has managed to arouse curiosity and open the minds of a public accustomed to very different sweets.

          “I feel blessed to be able to spend so much time in the kitchen baking and creating beautiful pieces of edible art. I love experimenting with new recipes and learning new techniques.  My baking addiction is a collection of my thoughts and ideas related to all things food. My perseverance and extreme will to learn put me on the right path from the beginning. I pushed myself to become great and took classes to perfect my flaws and now I can say that I've succeeded.”



Our mission is to provide our customers with fresh Wedding Cakes, Party Cakes, and a huge variety of treats that look as good as they taste.

We include amazing design elements that will be unique and help to ensure that your guests will remember the special touch that you provided at your event.

We always deliver a clean, finished product made from the freshest ingredients.

Sweets by Deliciosa is proud that our establishment holds a seal of approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


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